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Long Story Short . . .

Adventures of a Shameless Raccoon and His Wayfaring Companion

5 June 1975
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Hi. Thanks for checking me out. Hope that means I’ve at least been interesting enough to make you curious, and not that I've pissed you off. I created this account for Friends & Rivals. Missed signing up in time to post an intro, so, putting it here.

Name’s Quinn. Quinn Mac. Or close enough. You can call me Quinn, or Mac, if you’d prefer. Used to go by McQueen, but quit that when a psycho super-obsessed ex wouldn’t stop calling me “Steve.”

But that’s a different story.

Born in Crook, CO. Grew up mostly in Sterling, but moved around a lot. Been all over the country... more or less on the move most of my life, I guess. Not from the law. Being born in Crook hasn’t made me one. Do know my way around small towns, though. Sterling is where my Shima still lives, though, so that’s where I consider “home.”

Just turned 40 this summer. Doesn’t feel any different. Don’t know if I thought I’d be wiser by now, or more settled, or what. Guess I never thought much about it. Ina always said I would be somebody someday. Spose I’m still trying to figure that out. 20 passed like a bottle-rocket, nearly unnoticed. So did 21. Turning “legal” didn’t much matter to me, since I never really took to drink. Genetic predisposition. Seen where that road leads, no need to travel it. There’s no real defining passage to manhood when you’ve been on your own since 17. And 30 was just a number. I guess, when it comes right down to it, maybe they all are.

Never been married. Never slowed down long enough. Don’t think I have any kids. Hope not, anyway. Don’t want them to grow up like I did. Maybe someday. Maybe I’ll stay put for once. A few gals have turned my head, but nobody’s managed to convince me yet. Other similarities aside, though, I’m not my father.

But that’s a different story, too. A much longer one.

I’ve kept a journal of some sort in a backpack since I was a kid. Not because my thoughts are special, or I need to record my life. Sometimes the world is worth taking notice of, and remembering. Sent Shima postcards from my travels, she’d send me a new notebook now and then. When I’d fill one up, I’d send it home to her, she’d store them in a chest for me. A few years back, she saved up to get me a used laptop. Now I record my experience here, in private, on LiveJournal. And I use it to stay in touch with my Shima.

She’s been telling me for years I should collect my stories, put them together, maybe write a book. Not sure I have much to say. Came across this Idol thing, though, through LJ... thought it might be a good place to try telling stories to other people.

So now I’ve got a public account. That’s new for me… kind of a big deal. Still getting used to the idea of “sharing myself...” hard to imagine who cares. I’ve always got along well with all types of people because I’m better at listening and doing. Still feels wrong for me to be the story. But Shima thinks it will be good for me, so I’ll give it a try.

I named this one after my raccoon. Well, I don’t guess he’s mine. You can’t really own a wild thing. Found him abandoned and near starving when he was a cub. Nursed him back to health. Been with me ever since. Raccoons don’t usually live that long on their own. Their life is pretty tough. I’m sure he’s done a lot better than he would have without me. I think somehow he knows that. I figure it’s why he stays. I take care of him. Sometimes, he takes care of me. We look out for each other. I call him Inteus. It means “shameless.” It fits. Not going to be writing from his perspective, but he should be featured in some stories, since he’s part of my life. Not that much of a “writer,” either, for anything more than what happened when, if that matters, so I can’t say how long I’ll keep this up. But we’ll see what happens.

Nice to “meet” you all. Hope to make some new friends. And good luck to everyone.
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